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Message to Companies

They say that people make an organization, and that the difference between top performing companies and the others, is the people they have, those they are able to attract, and those they retain.  All arrows point to future demand for qualified candidates exceeding supply, and those organizations that can both attract and retain top talent will be the winners. 

gpac®™ gets this... do you?

Our purpose is to ensure that our clients meet their business goals and objectives. We will assist our clients in identifying, locating, and attracting the talent necessary to complement their business plans. We will also continue to share with our clients our on-going findings into employee retention strategies. We will work with you to develop and deliver the best solutions. Let us help you!

The hidden candidate market

The best talent in many cases is not actively seeking a new opportunity but for the right circumstances would make a change if the opportunity were correct.  According to researchers, at any time, 15-20% of professionals are actively seeking new positions.  At the other end of the spectrum 10-15% cannot envision changing positions in the near term under any circumstances.  Assuming these percentages are accurate, we can conclude that 65-75% of professionals, although not actively seeking new employment, may consider making a change if the right opportunity came to them.

What does this mean?

It means that through proactive, targeted, indirect and direct recruiting, you can gain access to a significant percentage of professionals who are not likely going to come to you directly.  We seek the passive candidates. 

Our business and expertise is the recruitment and development of top talent.  Building the right people, for the right companies, right now!  We have the experience, track record, and confidence to work nearly any project, any time, anywhere.

Recruitment Solutions


Designed for clients who have an urgent and critical staffing need and desire a dedicated effort to source qualified candidate(s).  Both client and search firm commit to the project.  All qualified candidates sourced are presented on a first right of refusal to client.  In simple terms, you hire us to fill the position.


Designed for clients who do not desire a dedicated effort to source qualified candidates.  Although there is no commitment to the project, we may present qualified candidates to client.  In simple terms, you ask us to keep our eyes open.

Contract Staffing

Our clients use this service when there is a desire to enter into a service relationship with a candidate on a temporary or project basis.  A client can choose to be or not to be the employer of record. 


Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a specialized and customizable solution that allows you to outsource all or a portion of your recruitment function.  Some main focus areas include consulting, sourcing, interviewing & qualifying, assessing, selecting/hiring, on-boarding, ATS support and more.


Our search process is tried, tested and proven.  It may look simple in theory but there is definitely an art and science behind it all.  The science is the sheer metrics and volume of activity we must make to ensure success; the art is our ability to ask the right questions and listen for the reality.

We utilize the following in-depth and comprehensive process to conduct each search:

  • Needs analysis and strategic recruiting plan development;
  • Position profile development and compatibility assessment;
  • In-depth candidate research, screening and interviewing;
  • Interview planning and qualified candidate presentation;
  • Hiring manager interviewing skills training;
  • Client and candidate interview debriefs;
  • Confidential reference checks;
  • Counter-offer consulting;
  • Offer preparation and closing; and
  • Client and new hire follow-up

Because of the competitive nature of our industry, we aim to separate ourselves from the rest by:


We’ve learned from our clients that the top two frustrations working with recruiters are: (1) They deliver the wrong type of talent, and (2) They fail to follow-up after investing substantial time going over a client’s needs.


Good positions don’t last long, and the best candidates last even less.  In our world, immediacy is essential.


Speed is important, but equally important is quality.  We are a hard group of people to please from an internal operational standpoint.  We demand excellence.  We remain constructively discontent and while we are human and there will always be some margin for error, we have a quest for excellence that doesn’t stop.


We expect our clients to be satisfied.  For this to happen we need to allow you to be heard.  Comments are encouraged with our open-door policy.  Our online survey is also an opportunity for our clients to help us continue to improve.


Value is priority.  In the business world, economics come into play and financially things need to simply make sense.  There must be ROI.  We place the top 20% of people; those who generally account for 80% of the results inside most organizations.  When a success placement happens, there is ROI in a matter of months, if not weeks for most of our clients.

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